'hey lmao'

Hi! Some general facts for you all as an introduction:

  • My name is Elliott (aka El)
  • My pronouns are he/they
  • I'm 19 years old (2001)
  • I'm from the UK
  • I'm neurodivergent
  • I'm LGBTQ+
  • I can speak English, some Spanish and am learning Japanese

My main interests revolve around jhorror and anime of a similar genre, and this is a multifandom/bandom blog, so some alternative/indie rock might show up, though if I'm being honest most of it is gonna be Corpse Party.

As for stuff I make, I used to focus on shitposts and edits, I'm nearing the end of an analysis/theory stage, I've recently been getting more into art and I've most consistently been writing stuff over the years (big up Inkwell, can't wait). As you might be able to see, I'm in the process of porting all of my old posts to here as they're a bit all over the place, so excuse them if they're cringey (they're all tagged so hopefully it won't deter people too much).

And as a clear reminder, racists, lgbtqphobes of any sort (yes, TERFs and transmeds, that includes you) and general bigots aren't welcome here. Minors can follow but keep in mind I won't be comfortable with personally interacting with anyone under the age of 16 given my own age. I'd encourage age regressors who regress quite often to keep their distance as I don't really want those under 15 viewing my blog, but that's your decision, you know your own boundaries, I have everything tagged accordingly.

Other than that, welcome to my blog! Feel free to send asks or messages, but keep in mind that I'm awful at holding conversations (please don't just say 'hi' idk what to do with that I'm nd) :)

Other places you can find me:

  • kishi - my other waterfall blog that's more generalised
  • el_o_l (Kishi) - my AO3 which I will take down once I am able to transport my works to Inkwell
  • kishi0811 - my PicsArt, where a small selection of edits are displayed as well as stickers for others to use