WIPs (not a WIP)

This is the stuff I'm slowly working on on this blog whilst switching between a bunch of other stuff. If there's something you want to see me do in particular, drop an ask or message kicking me up the ass to do it. I need the encouragement and to be honest I've got so much I don't know what to focus on, so end up doing nothing.

Shingeki no Kyojin fanfiction - Levi post-manga drabble

  • Current status: 9 of 10 first drafts published, undergoing rewrite

Corpse Party fanfiction - Kisaragi friendship backstories

  • Current status: 8 chapters fully planned for completion, 1 chapter written

Corpse Party fanfiction - Danganronpa AU

  • Current status: 6 chapters fully planned for completion

Corpse Party fanfiction - Transgirl!Kishinuma (post-canon)

  • Current status: No clear plan for completion, 20k words written

Corpse Party edits - Kisaragi edit sets

  • Current status: No clear plan for completion, 15 edits completed

Corpse Party analysis - Kisaragi friendship dynamic

  • Current status: may scrap in favour of fanfiction alternative

Corpse Party fanart - Miki Kishinuma concept redraw

  • Current status: Not started

Corpse Party fanart - Yoshiki Kishinuma trad/digi redraw

  • Current status: Not started