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Kisaragi drunk headcanons

Satoshi: The classic 'came out to have a good time' drunk, but by the end of the night is violently sobbing over something minor like a spilled drink or tripping over someone's foot. Mayu is the only one with sympathy for foolish ass

Naomi: Probably handles alcohol the best, knowing her extent of self control and the fact that the rest of her friends will be incompetent in due course. Usually looking after Seiko or Ayumi and yelling when she's had enough of their shit

Seiko: Exactly the same as usual, if not more daring. Does stupid shit that probably falls under public disturbance and and indecent exposure (Morishige has plenty of blackmail on his phone). Remembers absolutely nothing in the morning

Morishige: Everyone thinks he's sober until someone says something that catches his attention and he proceeds to call them out for everything they've ever done. Roasts without mercy and has to apologise the next day when he finds out he has no friends left

Yoshiki: Is so much louder than usual it's painful and will tell everybody he loves them "so, so much, I swear it's unreal how much". Means well but becomes everybody's least favourite person after a couple of hours

Ayumi: You thought the class rep would be responsible? No. She's tiny, so after a glass or two she is #gone and ends up trying to fight people she would absolutely be killed by if they decided to partake and jeez she really thinks she can be aggressive with everyone

Mayu: Unrealistically giggly. Cuddles up to everyone and tries to be helpful and look after others, but is more like a delirious doll. I emphasise 'tries' because she is far too clumsy to improve the situation despite her best efforts

Things you should not ignore about the Kisaragi kiddos

Naomi: Everyone sees her as a strong tomboy but she's fucking fragile and will fall to pieces, doesn't know what to do when pressured plEaSe don't do that especially since her father died

Mayu: She treats everyone the same and helps those in need as best as she can, was most likely torn apart about the move because her parents were arguing over her and on top of that she was loved by literally everyone

Yoshiki: Jesus Christ all he wants to do is be himself without being a complete asshole and his snooty parents completely shunned him and he was so done he literally moved out into an apartment and got himself a job (still gives a shit about his parents) to support himself and jeez he's trying so hARD

Seiko: Do I even need to do this? She puts on this cute and bubbly mask all the time but she's hella upset about her mother running away and looks after her three little siblings whilst dealing with her feelings for her best friend?

Sakutaro: ok look at this guy who doesn't even have decent childhood memories as his father works all the time and doesn't care, his mother is a nervous wreck and the onLY PERSON HE TRUSted, his grandfather, died and he isolated himself and started to lose it and wondered why nobody was worried until Mayu came

Satoshi: Ok so he seems like the average guy with a happy life but he's imporTAnT because he brought the group together and everyone relies on him because he's popular guy Mochida Satoshi and damn was he scared in Tenjin but he didn't show it, he was looking after his sister and mourning crush

Ayumi: She just wants everybody to do well and get along and spend a lot of her time dragging Yoshiki up (let's not forget the flashback where she essentially lied to help Yoshiki, who was a stranger), cares a lot and hides behind her fears and flaws, also worries about her dream profession since her parents did not take her older sister's decision very well