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Hollow but with flowers painted on their head

[ID: Fanart. A digital painting depicting Hollow from Hollow Knight in purple, orange and blue tones. They stand bending backwards in a dramatic stance with their hand touching their forehead. It's head has flowers painted on it. The background is purple with orange dust rising around Hollow. End ID]

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Actually the very first Hollow Knight fanart i have drawn

[ID: Fanart. A digital artwork in green and blue tones depicting Sly from Hollow Knight. He sits with his nail laid against his shoulder on a deck under giant leaves arching above, and looks into the waters of the pond and into the greenery of vines and shrubs before him. End ID]

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A flowercrown for Hollow🌼

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Hollow and Knight from Hollow Knight in yellow, pink and blue tones. Hollow sits on the ground surrounded by pillows and plants, and with their head low to the ground faces Knight. Knight stands on a pile of colorful pillows just so they can finish putting a flowercrown on Hollow's head. The background is light yellow or orange with leaves and flowers of various plants. The foreground is at the bottom of the picture and it arches around the characters with blooming dark blue shrubs. End ID]

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Just holding the cape to make sure Hollow won’t get lost.

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Hollow and Knight from Hollow Knight. The piece is in light blue and red tinted black tones. It's dark as they walk through a fluorescent blue pool of something resembling lifeblood. Hollow after Knight who leads them by holding the bottom of Hollow's cape. Hollow looks down at them and holds a blue paper shopping bag full of sweets. There are blue butterflies or lumaflies flying around them, and delicate vines of pure blue leafy matter growing from the pool and dissolving into air. End ID]

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*slashes into your heart*

[ID: Fanart. A digital artwork depicting Knight from Hollow Knight jumping at POV with it's nail. The artwork is in purple, blue and white tones. Background is light blue with a purple shadow at the bottom from the point of jump End ID]

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Tiso and the Babe Tamer

[ID: Fanart. An artwork depicting God Tamer with her beast and Tiso from Hollow Knight. They are standing at the end of the tunnel leading to the colosseum's arena. Tiso leans on one side of the wall and faces God Tamer who leans on her beast on the other side. There is light coming from the outside of the tunnel. The artwork is in dark greyish green and yellow tones. End ID]

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Uncle Hive Knight

[ID: Fanart. A digital artwork of small Hornet and Hive Knight from Hollow Knight in warm yellow and brown tones. The Hive Knight is sitting on a bench in the hive and looks at Hornet, and Hornet is sitting on his pauldron while booping her hand into his face. End ID]

Just lying out there, in silence

[ID: Fanart. A digital painting depicting Hollow and Knight from Hollow Knight. They are both lying in a circle of white orange light, both on their sides, with Hollow wrapping their arm around Knight. The background is dark purple swirl with white blossoms. End ID]

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Mato adopts Hollow and Ghost

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Knight called Ghost, Mato, Hollow, Grimmchild and weaverlings from Hollow Knight. The artwork is in warm orange, red and purple tones. They are in Mato's hut, full of pillows and shells of dead creatures. Knight sits on the right side of the kitchen counter and mixes something in a pot. There are various spices on the shelves behind them. Mato stands in the middle and shows Hollow how to hold a knife. Hollow who's to the left of him, holds their knife upside down as they bend forward almost touching the ceiling with their horns. On the left side of the counter Grimmchild sleeps on a red pillow and a single weaverling sitting on a vertical desk above them tries to poke their head. Below them on the ground a second weaverling sleeps on a pillow and a third one opens a small box with a red string. There is warm light coming from the ceiling and delicately encompassing the characters. End ID]

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Hollow sick.
Soup Hot.
*Shoves a spoonful of soup into their eye*

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Knight and Hollow from Hollow Knight in dark brown, violet and white tones. They are both in a small light violet niche illuminating with light from which violet vines grow into the surrounding darkness. Hollow lies or rather sits in the way too small space. Their body bent over, head lying vertically on the pillow, a small green blanket covering a quarter of their body. Knight stands next to them, with a pot full of soup and shoves a spoonful of it next to Hollow's face. End ID]

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ullu -

A lil knight!!

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Some time ago I came up with a vague idea for a Undertale Multiverse x Hollow Knight crossover AU thing.
Finally got an excuse to draw Cross in cool armour~

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[ID: a fullbody digital artwork of Sly from Hollow Knight in his red cape. Sly stands on his nail which glides down through the air. He holds onto the handle with his left hand and keeps his right arm loose for balance. The background is beige with patches of orange and pink and dark beige that marks the power of the glide. End ID]

God Tamer's day out

Tried somethig a little different again with the background. I think I over simplified it, but last time I overworked it. Gotta find a good balance!

Double grub

I had the idea to have a grub from Hollow Knight crawling up the side of a cookie jar to get a treat, but the shape and lid made me think of the containers that thye were trapped in, which migh tnot be the happiest thing for them to see. So, I decided to switch it up and have one saving the other.

I love Hollow Knight's art style and overall look and feel. Can't wait for Silksong!

Wow it's been a bit since I've been on Waterfall. Hi all!

Anyway I got a drawing tablet that I'm very happy with, and I drew this for my friend's birthday!

Some siblings vibing. And also Zote.

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Hollow Knight doodle

This was supposed to be a detail-less and colorless doodle but in the end, I decided to fill it up a little with color and of course, it doesn't look that good (the top and the bottom look so different with the few lighting I put XD)

City of Tears

I figure the best way to try a new website isupload one of my better pieces. so heres a Hornet I made after beating the game and watching the Silksong trailer.

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